Work, from home – Part 1

Marcus & I

I don’t know where this story began. I set out on a difficult path with Marcus couple of years back. It has been a stage off and on relationship – with no rules, except for perhaps, that he would claim me however he chooses and of course – whenever he chooses. It would sometimes be months I won’t hear from him and then all of a sudden a text – “Come see me – if you can”. He knew very well what answer I would give. I won’t say no even if I was busy, even if I had a concert ticket. He knew me like the back of his hand. Continue reading



The calmness – that I can sink into
your laps
the precious most cushion
freedom of nakedness
your love marks~
on my skin,
and hot breath of thick smoke
that transcends the heaven
around us.

Writing something after a very long time.



I looked at my wrist watch. It was nearly 3:30; time to leave. Today I had come to office early. Sometime after 7. I knew I will have to leave early. Much earlier than I usually do. I looked at my watch again. Then my phone vibrated and I knew the message was there – with the address where I had to go.

It felt a little awkward to leave while others were still at work. I had informed my boss earlier. He smiled as I was leaving the floor. Did he notice I was getting nervous?

I took the 3:45 train. It would be half an hour by train and then another half an hour walk from the station. I could take a cab, but I was told to walk, just as I was told to catch the train at 3:45 and arrive office early. I did not have any time to loose. I was to arrive sharp at 4:45. I started to walk fast. All this started one morning, a week back, when all of a sudden he told me over breakfast, “You will be whipped in a week’s time.”

A gasp left my mouth, “Oh!”

He smiled back, “Was that a good Oh or bad?”

I was shocked. I was shivering from fear and anticipation already. He changed the topic and continued sipping his juice as if nothing happened. He did not mention anything to me during the week either, until that text I received earlier today.


I can not write or explain to anyone how that week passed. His words were running in my mind – “You will be whipped in a week.” When? It could be any day – every day my anticipation grew stronger and I knew the unavoidable was coming. Today morning I almost froze when I woke up. The week was ending today. I knew today I will be whipped at some point.

Who? This was another question that baffled me. He could have easily said that he will whip me – but no, he didn’t do it. So? Who could it be? Is he someone I know? Or,there are more than one? I felt so uneasy when my mind ran those questions over and over again.

Where will he/they whip me? My mind was puzzling me with each step I took from the station.

Back? Yes, most likely.

Legs? Yes, most likely.

Sides? Oh my.

Breasts? I couldn’t think of it any more.

Soon I realized I was standing in front of the house. A nice and calm suburban house, trees. I walked in.

Absolute silence is what I would call it. The only sound I could feel was that of the calm breeze and rustling of leaves – the neighborhood was quiet too. The door was ajar – I walked in, but couldn’t see anyone. The only thing that caught my sight was a pair of nipple clamps and a ball gag on a tea table.

[To be continued]

Song of Passion

An amazing write on cane…a personal favorite


I arrived little past 5. Nervous, of course, anxious on what will happen. We were getting a place – a place of our own to live some of our fantasies, well we already got it, he did all the set up and it was my turn to see it. We were making a big commitment to one another – explore the D/s world, outside text books. Continue reading


He grunts became more prominent. His thrusts became more invigorating. I knew the moment has come – soon I was going to be flooded. “I am going to cum baby – I am going to hold your head right there and make you choke.” He laughed. Continue reading

Corruption (~ 2)

Acknowledgement: He says, I have become His ghost rider, who is taking His horny ideas to the world. I smile – may be I am. Here, in this post, I wish to say that I’m indebted to Him for planting those seeds on my mind, which only seems growing – however, though I prefer to keep both of us behind anonymity – there is no harm in admitting that He made me see things, that I would never be able to see myself. He is the only person who can take me to sub space, without breaking me.

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